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Using Reversed Type Treatments in Desktop Publishing
Here are ways to use reversed type as well as what to avoid when setting text in reversed type.
Type Contrast - Use Type Features to Create Contrast
Mix large type with small type. Combine serif with sans serif type to create type contrast. There are many ways to create contrast with type.
Using Bold Type in Desktop Publishing | Typestyle Tutorial
How and when to use bold type in your documents. Examples of Typeface weights and tips on using bold type for emphasis and how not to overdo the use of ...
Typography and Fonts - Using Type and Fonts in Graphic Design
Typography is crucial to almost all design projects. Learn the basic terms, how to use type, and where to get fonts.
Type Families - Using Type Families in Graphic Design
Times New Roman and Helvetica are examples of type families. These families are extremely useful because a designer can use just one or two within a project,  ...
Adobe Illustrator Type Tools – The Area Type Tool - Graphic Design
The “area type tool” is for constraining type within a path, allowing you to create blocks of text in any shape. Start by creating a path with one of the shape tools or  ...
How to Use the Adobe Illustrator Type Tools - Graphic Design
There are several tools for creating type, all found on the Illustrator toolbar, and each with a different function.
Understanding Delphi SET Type - Expert Guide - About.com
Delphi's set type is a collection of values of the same ordinal type. ... To assign a value to a set type variable, use the square brackets and list all the elements of ...
Typography Tutorials - Desktop Publishing - About.com
In the broadest sense, typography is the design and use of typefaces as a means ... Explore definitions, tutorials on using type, type design, troubleshooting font ...
SelectTypeDraw - The Type Tool in Adobe InDesign
Use the Type Tool to insert text in your InDesign document. If you look at your Tools palette, you will see that the Type Tool has a flyout window.
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