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Using Reversed Type Treatments in Desktop Publishing
With white on black reversed type, the background prints and the text is knocked out so that it doesn't print, letting the white background (or paper color) show ...
Typography Tutorials - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Explore all the areas of typography important to using and understanding type including the history of typograpy, practical typography tutorials, and creative ...
Using Bold Type in Desktop Publishing | Typestyle Tutorial
How and when to use bold type in your documents. Examples of Typeface weights and tips on using bold type for emphasis and how not to overdo the use of ...
Typography and Fonts - Using Type and Fonts in Graphic Design
Typography is crucial to almost all design projects. Learn the basic terms, how to use type, and where to get fonts.
Type Families - Using Type Families in Graphic Design
The different options available within a typeface, such as roman, bold and italic, make up a type family. Times New Roman and Helvetica are examples of type ...
Using the Elements of Design in Graphic Design
elements of graphic design shapes lines colors type fonts typography typefaces text art illustrations photography texture photos.
Understanding Delphi SET Type - Expert Guide - About.com
Sets might appear confusing to a Delphi beginner, but as soon as you start using set type variables you will find out they provide much more then it sounded in ...
Understanding and Using Record Data Types in Delphi - About.com
Understanding and Using Record Data Types in Delphi ... For example, the following declaration creates a record type called TMember, the one we could use in ...
An Introduction to COM Programming with Delphi (6 / 6) - page 1/3
COM type definitions usually reside in a type library. Let's see how to make your first Type Library using Delphi.
How To Use Bold Type Effectively - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Use restraint when using bold type. Whole paragraphs of text set in bold type are hard to read. The reason bold type creates emphasis is that it slows down the ...
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