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Using Bold Type in Desktop Publishing | Typestyle Tutorial
How and when to use bold type in your documents. Examples of Typeface weights and tips on using bold type for emphasis and how not to overdo the use of ...
Using Reversed Type Treatments in Desktop Publishing
Here are ways to use reversed type as well as what to avoid when setting text in reversed type.
SelectTypeDraw - The Type Tool in Adobe InDesign
Use the Type Tool to insert text in your InDesign document. If you look at your Tools palette, you will see that the Type Tool has a flyout window.
An Introduction to COM Programming with Delphi - Type Libraries
COM type definitions usually reside in a type library. Let's see how to make your first Type Library using Delphi.
Typography and Fonts - Using Type and Fonts in Graphic Design
Typography is crucial to almost all design projects. Learn the basic terms, how to use type, and where to get fonts.
Type Families - Using Type Families in Graphic Design
The different options available within a typeface, such as roman, bold and italic, make up a type family.
Understanding and Using Record Data Types in Delphi - About.com
Of course, we could try with one three-dimensional array, but what about it's type ? We need string for names and e-mails, but an integer for the number of ...
Italics | Setting Type in Italics Type - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Right-slanting or tilted typefaces are known as italics. Learn to use italics type correctly. Discover why true italics or better than the fake italics created by some ...
TrueType Fonts (What They Are and How To Use Them)
Type & Fonts Glossary | Alpha Index to Full Glossary:. ... Although still in widespread use, more and more TrueType fonts are being converted to or replaced by ...
Type Contrast - Use Type Features to Create Contrast
Mix large type with small type. Combine serif with sans serif type to create type contrast. There are many ways to create contrast with type.
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