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Design Project Tutorials Using Adobe InDesign - Desktop Publishing
These projects help you learn the basics and explore more advanced features of Adobe InDesign by creating the same type of projects you might tackle as an ...
Using Character Style Sheets in Adobe InDesign - Desktop Publishing
Design with Character: Character Style Sheets in InDesign ... The same principle works in using Paragraph Style Sheets, but I will take those up in another ...
Using the Scissors Tool in Adobe InDesign: Step 1
Learn how the scissors tool works and the basic use of the Adobe InDesign scissors tool.
How to Create an Invitation Using InDesign Video
Store bought invitations could never be as good as your own design. Watch this About.com video to learn how to easily customize your own invitations using ...
How to Create a Business Card Using InDesign Video
Making a business card in InDesign can help you brand and promote your business exactly the way you want to by having complete control over the design.
How to Create a Photo Album Using InDesign Video
InDesign can help you create your own customized photo album so you can create the exact look you envision. Watch this About.com video to learn how to ...
How to Create a Digital Publication Using InDesign Video
InDesign can help you create digital publications with your own graphics and information. Watch this About.com video to learn how to format and save the ...
Pen Tool - How to Use the Pen Tool in InDesign Video
Using InDesign's Pen Tool. Select the pen tool in the toolbar, which resembles the tip of an ink pen. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “p” to select the tool  ...
Master Pages in Adobe InDesign CS - Pages Palette
Using the Pages Palette. Setting Master Pages ... A master page is a special page which will not print, unless you tell InDesign to do so. It's a page where you  ...
Using the Zoom Tools in Adobe InDesign - Desktop Publishing
In the Publication Window of InDesign you'll find the Zoom buttons and ... Switch to the Zoom tool (using the Cmd/Ctrl+Spacebar keystroke) then click and drag a ...
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