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How a Clipping Path is Used With Graphics - Desktop Publishing
A clipping path creates a hard-edged mask that hides unwanted image elements. Clipping paths are typically used to hide the background of an image or may ...
Clipping Paths and Background Removal Tutorials for Desktop ...
Learn how to create and work with a clipping path for use in page layout software . Find tips and in-depth tutorials for working with masks, clipping paths, and ...
Saving an Embedded Clipping Path in EPS or TIFF Image
... it, save the path. Now it's time to save the image in a suitable format with the embedded path. Both EPS and TIFF images can contain embedded clipping paths.
Embedded Paths vs Alpha Channels -- Using Embedded Clipping ...
... you can create clipping paths to hide the unwanted image elements. Two methods used to create clipping paths are embedded paths and alpha channels.
Creating an Embedded Clipping Path - Desktop Publishing - About ...
Paths have many uses when editing images. In this step-by-step tutorial, we're creating paths to embed in an image for use as a clipping path in a page layout ...
Alpha Channels (How To Create and Use As Clipping Paths)
Create an alpha channel using the magic wand, magnetic lasso (circled above), and other selection tools just as with creating a clipping path.
Turn On The Clipping Path in QuarkXPress - Desktop Publishing
Once you create an image with an embedded path then place your image into your document in your desktop publishing software you'll need to access the path  ...
Turn On The Clipping Path in Adobe InDesign - Desktop Publishing
Choose Create Frame from Clipping Path in EPS Import Options when placing file; or, select Object | Clipping Path and choose Photoshop Path after placing it.
Turn On The Clipping Path in Adobe PageMaker - Desktop Publishing
If saved with color TIFF header the clipping path area may appear as non- transparent on-screen but will print properly to a PostScript printer. Although the ...
Placing Images with Embedded Paths - Remove Backgrounds from ...
Once you create an image with an embedded clipping path then place your image into your document you'll need to access the path information or turn on the ...
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