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Type Umlaut Accent Marks on Mac and PC - Desktop Publishing
How to create letters with diacritical marks, such as the umlaut accent marks. Type umlaut accent marks on a Mac, a Windows PC, and in HTML.
Umlaut vs. Diaeresis in Desktop Publishing
Although often used interchangeably, the terms umlaut and diaeresis or dieresis refer to two different types of characters that happen to look alike. Learn how to ...
Diacriticals or Accent Marks in Desktop Publishing
The German Alphabet includes some letters with an umlaut that have their own ... (cedilla), chteau (circumflex), chre (grave), seor (tilde), nave (umlaut) ...
Definition of 'Diacritical Mark' - Accents, Tildes and Diereses (Umlauts)
The umlaut, often called a dieresis, which is placed over the u when it is pronounced after a g in the combinations ge and gi. Umlauts are rarer than the other ...
Accent on Accents (Page 2) - Spanish Language - About.com
The umlaut (or dieresis) is used above the u when the u is sounded in the combinations of gi or ge. Without the umlaut, known as la diresis or la crema in ...
HTML Codes - Special Characters for German - ASCII Table ...
, ä, ä, Lowercase a-umlaut. , É, É, Capital E-acute. , é, é, Lowercase E-acute. , Ö, Ö, Capital O-umlaut.
HTML Codes - Special Characters - ASCII Table - Web Design/HTML
The following list includes the HTML codes for many of the special character symbols used on web pages. It's easy to use HTML symbols on web pages, just find ...
German Grammar Terms Explained in Plain English - T-U
In German the Umlaut is an abbreviated form of the letter "e" that used to be placed over the vowels a, o, and u to form a diphthong. The umlauted letters , and ...
Pronouncing German Umlauted Vowels - How to Sing - About.com
Despite how difficult the task, in order to sing German well and in a way that is understandable, learning to sing the umlauted vowels is mandatory.
The Top 10 German Mistakes: 6-10 - German Language - About.com
German "Umlauts" (Umlaute in German) can lead to problems for beginners. Words can change their meaning based on whether they have an umlaut or not.
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