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Typesetter from Past to Present - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Originally, typesetting was a specialized skill. A typesetter took written material and set it in type (wooden, metal, and later, machine-generated) according to the  ...
Typesetting - from Gutenberg to Desktop Publishing
Setting type or typesetting is the process of putting text into the right style and size of type and the desired arrangement on the page in preparation for printing.
Typography Rules | Typesetting Guidelines | Rules of Using Fonts
Get familiar with the basic rules of typography and general typesetting guidelines. Avoid beginner mistakes when setting type and using fonts.
Typesetting Numbers - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Depending on the font you may be able to pick and choose proportional or monospaced numbers that line up on the baseline or that mimic the look of text with ...
Typeset Spaces Between Characters, Words, and Sentences
For the purposes of this spaced-out article I'll stick with the English language primarily and spaces most used in typesetting. We'll touch on Web spaces too.
Multilingual Typesetting and Design - Foreign Language (Non ...
Having worked as a digital publishing specialist at a large corporation at my previous job, I did not think being in charge of foreign language typesetting would  ...
Multilingual or Foreign Language Typesetting and Desktop Publishing
Sometimes you may find yourself occasionally or regularly typesetting documents in languages other than your own. Or you may be responsible for translating ...
The Gutenberg Bible (Printing, Typesetting Significance)
180 copies ... Somewhere around 1457 Johannes Gutenberg printed a book. What was most significant about this book, a copy of the Bible, was that it was the first ...
Typeset Apostrophe as Used in Desktop Publishing
The typeset apostrophe is a specific glyph used in typeset text and other instances where appearances and good typographical practices matter. Although its ...
Justification - Definition and Examples in Typesetting
In typesetting and printing, justification is the process or result of spacing text so that the lines come out even at the margins.
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