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How to Match Type Size to Readership
The appropriate type size for a publication depends on many factors but there are some general type size guidelines to follow to insure readability for the main ...
Measuring Type for Desktop Publishing
Effective use of type means knowing how to measure type. Traditionally, type size is designated in points and is set to specific pica widths and depth (column ...
Balance Line Length with Type Size - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Lines of type that are too long or too short slow down reading and comprehension. Combine the wrong line length with the wrong type size and the problem is ...
How to Choose a Font and Font Size for a Letter - Job Searching
How to select a letter font and how to choose a font size for your letters.
Resume Font Size and Type - Job Searching - About.com
Resume font size and type guidelines including which fonts work best for resumes.
Cover Letter Font Size and Style - Job Searching - About.com
Information on what size font to use in your cover letter and which fonts work best for cover letters.
Cover Letter Font and Font Size - Job Searching - About.com
How to select a cover letter font and the appropriate font size for your letter.
Using Ems to Change Font Sizes on a Web Page - Web Design/HTML
The em is a relative font size measure that defines the font size based on how big it is in relation to it's parent. In other words, a font that is 1em in size is the exact ...
How to Increase Font Size While Reading Outlook Mail
Is the tiny font in emails giving you headaches? Here's how to swiftly increase the size of text in messages you read in Outlook.
Screen Font Too Small? Easy Fix for Text Size - Continuing Education
May 31, 2014 ... Somehow, the font on my screen had become so tiny I was hunched ... Easy Fix for Changing Text Size on Your Screens and Mobile Devices.
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