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Rich Text Format - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Before PDF, Rich Text Format was the most portable file format used to exchange files cross-platform while still retaining all or much of its formatting. It is still a ...
Microsoft Word -- Copying Text Formatting - Word Processing
If you want to apply the same formatting to different portions of your document and you're not using a template or styles, there is a shortcut. Word's Format Painter ...
Change Long Numbers to Text Format in Excel - Spreadsheets
Format long numbers in Excel as text data to keep them from being truncated or displayed as an exponent. A step by step example is included.
Using Macros to Format Select Text - Word Processing - About.com
One of the best uses for macros is to format your text. Read this quick tip to find out how you can create a macro that will apply customized formatting to a select ...
How to Add Rich Formatting to Text in iPhone Mail - About.com
Your text can be bold; it can also be underlined in iPhone Mail and italicized.
How to Remove Text Formatting from Emails You Send in Opera ...
In Opera, you don't have to switch to plain text completely to remove text formatting, and you don't have to undo changes individually either. It's easy both to ...
Removing Formatting From Text in Word 2007 - Word Processing
But, it isn't always so easy to rid your document of these formatting inconsistencies. That is, unless you read this quick tip! I'll help you remove formatting from text ...
Change the Way Text Is Pasted Into Word Documents
When you paste a selection from another document or program into a Word file, formatting can often be a problem. The text will retain the formatting from the ...
Formatting a Text Box in Microsoft Word - Word Processing - About ...
Word lets you specify advanced formatting options for your text box. You can change background color and transparency, in addition to border style.
How to Use Rich HTML Text Formatting in AIM Mail or AOL Mail ...
In Internet Explorer, you can use some HTML formatting for the text in the emails you write. You can make passages bold, italic or underlined, for example, ...
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