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Getting Good Color Printing - Color Preparation - Desktop Publishing
Even if you only have one or two colors for graphics or text, color printing takes special preparation whether you use a desktop printer or a printing press.
Color Printing | Definitions and Tutorials - Desktop Publishing
Learn how to take color from your scanner and the screen and put it onto paper. Various color printing techniques for desktop and commercial printing are ...
Defining the CMYK 4-Color Process Printing - Desktop Publishing
CMYK is not the only full color printing process but is the most common. Other full color methods include 6C Hexachrome and 8C Dark/Light (6 colors and 8 ...
Beyond CMYK - 6 Color High Fidelity Process Printing
Four color process printing uses the subtractive primary ink colors of cyan, magenta, and yellow plus black ink. This is abbreviated as CMYK or 4C. CMYK is the ...
5 Easy Ways to Get Color Without a Color Printer - Desktop Publishing
When you don't have a color printer you may think that everything you do has to be in black and white. Not so. There are some easy ways to get colorful designs ...
Calibrate Your Printer and Get the Color You Want
Calibrating your printer insures (as much as possible) that what you print is consistent ... Monitors use additive RGB color while printing uses subtractive CMYK ...
Why Don't Printed Colors Match What I See on the Monitor?
You may have found that your printer doesn't always print color as you see it on the monitor. Learn the basics of this problem - Why it happens and what you can  ...
How to Print White Ink and Alternatives for Printing White
Answer: Most inks used in offset printing are translucent therefore a translucent white ink would not cover a dark color. There is an opaque white ink that could ...
When to Use Spot Colors and Process Colors - Desktop Publishing
For most color print projects you will use either spot colors or process colors ( such as CMYK). Budget plays a large role in the decision as well as the printing ...
Spot Color Design | Just Add Black for Colorful Desktop Publishing
Color adds impact to design. But unless you are just printing to your desktop printer, printing in color can be expensive. One way to use color and control costs is ...
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