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Getting Good Color Printing - Color Preparation - Desktop Publishing
But most desktop printers and printing presses can only print a handful of ink colors. ... Even if you only have one or two colors for graphics or text, color printing ...
Defining the CMYK 4-Color Process Printing - Desktop Publishing
To reproduce full-color photographic images, typical printing presses (and some inkjet printers) use 4 colors of ink. The four inks are placed on the paper in ...
Color Printing | Definitions and Tutorials - Desktop Publishing
Learn how to take color from your scanner and the screen and put it onto paper. Various color printing techniques for desktop and commercial printing are ...
Beyond CMYK - 6 Color High Fidelity Process Printing
CMYK may be the most prevalent color printing process, but there are others as well. Explore different types of 4C, 6C, and 8C color printing including ...
Spot Color Design | Just Add Black for Colorful Desktop Publishing
Color adds impact to design. But unless you are just printing to your desktop printiner, printing in color can be expensive. One way to use color and control costs ...
Process Color in Desktop Publishing | CMYK 4-color Tutorials
Also known as CMYK (or CYMK) or 4-color, learn how to specify and print process ... Process color, also known as CMYK or 4-color process printing, uses cyan, ...
When to Use Spot Colors and Process Colors - Desktop Publishing
Bump up your color printing know-how. The more colors of ink, the higher the printing costs usually. Find out when a few spot colors will work vs. using more.
Spot Color - Desktop Publishing - About.com
A spot color is a specially mixed ink using in printing. Spot color inks come in a rainbow of colors, including some specialty inks such as metallic and fluorescent.
The Definition of Color Separation in Printing - Graphic Design
Definition: Color separation is the process by which original artwork is separated into individual color components for printing. The components are cyan, ...
Why Don't Printed Colors Match What I See on the Monitor?
The article referenced above is intdended for those doing 4-color process printing on a printing press, however it does a good job of explaining why you will  ...
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