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Special, Extended, and Expert Characters - Desktop Publishing
Designers and other font users need to know how to access special characters, extended characters, and expert characters found in many fonts. Effective use of  ...
Special Accented Characters for Central & Eastern European ...
When you have occasional need of special characters not supported by the standard Western European character set, here's what you can do to obtain special ...
HTML Codes - Special Characters for Punctuation and Other ...
HTML codes to put Punctuation characters on your Web page.
HTML Codes - Special Characters - ASCII Table - Web Design/HTML
HTML codes to put ASCII special characters on your web pages.
HTML Codes - Special Characters for German - ASCII Table ...
HTML codes to put German characters on your Web page.
HTML Codes - Special Characters for Pronunciation Codes - IPA ...
HTML codes to put pronunciation or IPA characters on your ...
Special Characters for Mathematics - Math Symbols
Mathematics includes a lot of special characters that are difficult to type on most standard keyboards. There are the basic symbols like +, −, , and . But there ...
ASCII HTML Codes - HTML Special Characters in the ASCII Set
HTML codes to put ASCII special characters on your Web page.
How to Use HTML Codes for Special Characters - Web Design/HTML
It's easy to include special characters in your web pages, even if the characters aren't on your keyboard layout. Simply use Unicode and HTML character entity ...
HTML Codes - Special Characters for Italian - ASCII Table - Italian ...
HTML codes to put Italian characters on your Web page.
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