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How To Use Small Caps Effectively - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Small caps are uppercase (capital) letters that are about the size of normal lowercase letters in any given typeface. Here's why and when to use them.
Smalll Caps - Designing Pages with Small Capital Letters
Small caps are uppercase (capital) letters that are about the size of normal lowercase letters in any given typeface. Use small caps to make text less obtrusive or ...
Small Caps - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Capital or uppercase letters that are a smaller size than regular capitals in a given font are small caps. They are about the size of normal lowercase letters in a  ...
Small Caps and the Chicago Manual of Style - Desktop Publishing
The use of small caps for some types of abbreviations may be typographically desirable, but it may no longer be the prescribed style for publications that adhere ...
Small Caps - A Font Variant - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Fonts vary in either small caps or regular. You use the font-variant style property to set the font variant.
CSS Style Property: font-variant - Web Design/HTML - About.com
The font-variant property defines whether the font is normal or small-caps. ... Some fonts don't have a small-caps variant and won't be displayed in the browser .
Download free font - Parolm Small Caps - Desktop Publishing
sample characters from the free font Parolm Small Caps ... Site is no longer available but small collection of free fonts is maintained at Elifont (scroll down).
Small Cap Stocks: Definition, Example, Affect on Economy
Jun 3, 2014 ... Since small caps companies do better when economic growth is hot, they have an advantage over large cap stocks during that time. The stock ...
When Is the Best Time to Invest in Small-Cap Stocks? - Mutual Funds
However, this was not the case in the recovery beginning in 2009, where small- caps (27.17%) lost to mid-cap stocks (37.38%) and barely edged out large cap ...
All Caps - As Used in Desktop Publishing
Long blocks of text set in all caps is difficult to read so using all capitals should be reserved for headlines or for small caps — all caps that are smaller than the ...
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