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What's DPI? - Image Resolution and Graphic Design Basics
Resolution, scanning, and graphics size is a vast and often confusing topic, even for experienced designers. For those new to desktop publishing it can be ...
Measuring Resolution Inch by Inch - Desktop Publishing - About.com
One of the most confusing aspects of desktop publishing is resolution and the measurement of resolution: SPI, PPI, DPI, and LPI. Often DPI is used in place of ...
DPI Pixels per Inch - Measuring Printer Resolution
Understanding the differences and use of samples, pixels, dots, and lines in image resolution, scanning, display, and printing. Learn more about DPI or dots per ...
What is the Definition of Resolution
Resolution is the image created as a result of the number of pixels or dots used. This can be on a computer monitor or a setting on a digital camera.
Resolution - Graphics Software Glossary
The definition of resolution as it relates to graphics software. Includes an explanation of optical resolution versus interpolated or digital resolution.
Resolution - Contemporary Literature - About.com
Resolution is the part of the story's plot line in which the problem of the story is resolved or worked out. This occurs after the falling action and is typically where ...
Change Your Windows Screen Resolution - Web Design/HTML
Changing the screen resolution for testing is a really important step in testing new web designs. This simple how to shows you how to change the resolution in ...
Understanding Printer Resolution - Printers/Scanners - About.com
... squeeze into a square inch, the sharper the resulting image will be. Printer resolution refers to how many dots per inch a printer can put onto a piece of paper.
Digital Camera Glossary: Resolution - Digital Cameras - About.com
The digital camera glossary defines resolution as the measurement of the total number of pixels that a digital camera's image sensor can record in one ...
Image Size and Resolution - Graphics Software - About.com
Issues and explanations related to image size, resolution, and resampling of graphic images. Inclues general resolution issues such as dpi and ppi as well as  ...
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