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Using Hanging Punctuation - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Hanging punctuation, commonly used for pull-quotes, creates the illusion of a uniform edge for the text, with the punctuation outside the margins.
Proper Typographical Punctuation in Desktop Publishing
Proper punctuation marks give your documents professional polish. Straight quotation marks (primes) and three dots in place of an ellipsis may be acceptable  ...
Punctuation Practice - Adding End Marks of Punctuation - Exercise ...
This exercise will give you practice in using the end marks of punctuation: periods, question marks, and exclamation points.
Introduction to the Basic Rules of Punctuation
All we can do is hang on to our colons: punctuation is bound to change, like the rest of language; punctuation is made for man, not man for punctuation; a good ...
French Punctuation - Writing in French - French Language - About.com
Learn the main differences between French and English punctuation.
A Mini-Quiz on Punctuation - Punctuation Review Quiz
The five questions in this mini-quiz will give you an opportunity to review some of the basic rules of punctuation.
Punctuation Practice - Adding End Marks of Punctuation II - Exercise ...
After you have reviewed the article "End Punctuation: Periods, Question Marks, and Exclamation Points," try this short practice exercise. (The answers are on ...
German Punctuation | Zeichensetzung | Punctuation Marks Part 1
German uses most of the same punctuation marks as English, but there are some differences - Zeichensetzung Part 1.
How to Punctuate Dialogue Correctly - Fiction Writing - About.com
Periods and commas go inside the quotation marks in American writing (the Brits have slightly different rules); other punctuation -- semicolons, question marks, ...
Interrobang - Grammar and Composition - About.com
A nonstandard mark of punctuation in the form of a question mark superimposed on an exclamation point (sometimes appearing as ?!), used to end a rhetorical ...
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