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Color Palettes - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Pick a pleasing palette from these color combinations. Explore color palettes centered on specific colors, historic color palettes, and color combinations that set a ...
Brown Color Palettes - Brown Color Combinations
Pick a color palette with shades of brown. Find pleasing Brown color combinations for your print projects.
Purple Color Palettes - Purple and Lavender Color Combinations
Pick a color palette with shades of purple. Find pleasing purple and lavender color combinations for your print projects.
Color Generators and Help for Interior Color Schemes
Pick your perfect interior colors or develop your own interior color schemes with these online color generators and online color tools from the Guide to Budget ...
Color Palettes - No Fail Color Palettes
One of the things homeowners and renters struggle with the most when decorating is color – particularly how many colors to use and what colors work together.
Web Color Palettes - Color Schemes and Swatches for Use on Web ...
When you're working on a new design, coming up with the color scheme or color palette can be challenging. These Web color palettes are written in hex color ...
How to Import a Color Palette into GIMP - Use a Color Scheme ...
You can use Color Scheme Designer to create a GPL palette file to import into GIMP. There are a few steps to get your exported color scheme into a fully GIMP ...
How to Import a Color Palette into Inkscape - Graphics Software
You can produce palettes using Color Scheme Designer and then import these into Inkscape. This tutorial will show you the process for getting your custom ...
Color Palettes - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Color is very important on Web pages, and these color palettescan be used by Web designers in their designs. Microsoft Web Palette submitted by Jennifer ...
How to Import a Color Palette into Paint.NET - Graphics Software
You can't import color schemes as palettes into Paint.NET, but this trick will help you use pre-generated color palettes within the image editor.
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