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Choosing Printing Processes - Desktop Publishing
... or commercial printing services. There are many ways to get it printed. Discover the range of printing methods and when to use which type of printing process.
Best Methods of Printing Business Cards and Letterhead
Answer: Offset lithography is the most common commercial printing process for the bulk of desktop publishing on paper requiring high volume mass production,  ...
Printing Processes by Type of Project - Choose a Printing Method ...
How will you get it printed? Even if you know that flexography, offset litho, and dye-sublimation are all different printing methods, you may not know which one is  ...
What Is Digital Printing? - Definition - Graphic Design - About.com
Modern printing methods such as laser and ink-jet printing are known as digital printing. In digital printing, an image is sent directly to the printer using digital ...
Commercial Printing Processes | Types of Digital, Plate, and ...
When you need to go beyond desktop printing you'll need the services of a service bureau and/or commercial printer and commercial printing processes ...
Commercial Printing Tutorials and Techniques - Desktop Publishing
Discover the range of printing methods and when to use which type of printing process in this quick overview of the various types of desktop and commercial ...
The Printing Process - Graphic Design - About.com
A list of graphic design printing process resources to help make your designs look there best in print. They include printing vendors, glossary terms, and articles.
How to Do Digital Printing - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Unlike offset printing and other commercial methods that utilize printing plates and presses, digital printing prints directly from the digital file sent to an inkjet, ...
Defining the CMYK 4-Color Process Printing - Desktop Publishing
CMYK is not the only full color printing process but is the most common. Other full color methods include 6C Hexachrome and 8C Dark/Light (6 colors and 8 ...
What is Digital Printing? - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Digital printing is ideal for variable data printing, print on demand, and fine art printing. In addition to inkjet and laser, some other digital printing methods use ...
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