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The Principles of Graphic Design - Desktop Publishing - About.com
The examples you'll find here demonstrate varying degrees of each of the six principles of design. Do your page layouts use all these principles of design?
Principles of Design | The Big Picture Overview - Desktop Publishing
First class on the Principles of Design includes six definitions and a practice project.
Principles of Design with Examples and Tutorials - Desktop Publishing
The principles of design suggest effective and pleasing ways to arrange text and graphics on the page as well as the arrangement of individual elements within ...
Principles of Design in Web Design - Web Design/HTML - About.com
The basic principles of design are true for Web design as well as other design. They show you how to put together design elements in an effective manner.
Principles of Design Definitions - Lesson 1 in Introductory Class
... use metaphor an allegory to explain how the principles of design work. This is lesson 1 in the introduction to the principles of design self-paced course.
Principles of Design Defined - Desktop Publishing - About.com
The principles of design govern how the elements of design are arranged within a composition whether that's a logo, a photo collage, or a page from a book.
Emphasis - Basic Principles of Design
Emphasis is a basic principle of design. Emphasis is often called dominance. With emphasis, designers showcase what is of highest priority in the design.
Rhythm - Basic Principles of Design - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Rhythm is a basic principle of design. Rhythm or repetition is the expression of visual harmony within a design. Repetition and rhythm attract attention in a ...
Balance - Basic Principles of Design - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Balance is a basic principle of design. Balance is the idea that large elements on a Web page should be balanced across the centerline or have a large number ...
Principles of Design - Desktop Publishing - About.com
I have overhauled the Graphic Design Basics Course. This page is no longer in use. Its contents have been absorbed into Lesson 1: Principles of Design ...
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