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Logo Design - How to Design Great Logos - Logo Design Tutorials
It appears on almost all printed materials. Explore these logo design tutorials and techniques to help you design great logos for your business or your clients.
What is the Best Software for Logo Design? - Desktop Publishing
Ideally, logo design should be done in a vector graphics software program initially. Find out what other desktop publishing software or graphics software is ideal ...
Do Logo Design or Create Graphics With Basic Shapes
Start your logo design or custom illustration with simple shapes and build from there.
Use Templates to Jumpstart Logo Design - Desktop Publishing
Jumpstart the design and desktop publishing process with the use of templates and other helpers such as clip art and dingbat fonts. This goes for logo design as  ...
Use Simple Lines in Logo Design and Custom Illustrations
Draw a line. Straight lines, curves, thick or thin or dotted lines can be the basis of many logo designs and illustrations.
What Software Do I Need to Create a Logo? - Graphics Software
For simpler logos, you may be able to get by with specialized type effects software which is designed for creating headings and other types of text-based ...
Use Shapes in Logo Design and Custom Illustrations
Everything has a shape but the basic shapes of circles, squares, and triangles can be very effective in logo design, in part because of their simplicity.
Tips For Before You Buy Logo Design Software and Other Tools
Today's logo designers need software, clip art, and fonts to go along with their design talents. While there are a multitude of choices for each, there are a few ...
Logo Design - Desktop Publishing - About.com
The SpiroBendo logo design in the illustration is nothing more than a rectangle, some circles, and some very thick lines with round ends (filled rectangles with ...
Branding Basics - 7 Logo Design Tips - Small Business Canada
A great logo design and tag line are key elements of effective branding that will improve your company profile with customers.
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