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What is Desktop Publishing? Find Out Here
Desktop publishing is a term coined after the development of a specific type of software. It's about using that software to combine and rearrange text and images  ...
Desktop Publishing Tutorials & Software Recommendations
Explore free page layout and desktop publishing software tutorials, graphic design lessons, and articles for self-paced, self-directed training in all aspects of  ...
What is a Desktop Publisher?? - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Anyone who uses desktop publishing software could be called a desktop publisher. However, in the job market, a desktop publisher is more than just a software ...
Desktop Publisher - Career Information - Career Planning - About.com
A desktop publisher uses computer software to produce publication-ready material including brochures, financial reports, business proposals, menus, books, ...
What is Desktop Publishing - a Dictionary Definition
In short, desktop publishing is the process of using the computer and specific types of software to combine text and artwork to produce documents properly ...
How To Do Desktop Publishing and Desktop Printing
Assuming you have the appropriate desktop publishing software, chosen for the type of projects and printing you plan to do, and understand the basics of using ...
Desktop Publishing Tutorials - About.com
At its most basic level, desktop publishing is taking some text and some images and mixing them together on a page then publishing that page in the form of or ...
Why Everyone Needs to Know Desktop Publishing
Knowing how to do desktop publishing can help you make more money, help you save money, and even help you get better grades in school. And you don't ...
The Myths of Desktop Publishing Exposed!
Some people cling to the belief that desktop publishing is amateur design or that desktop publishing is the same as graphic design. Not true on both counts.
Follow the Rules of Desktop Publishing - About.com
What are the rules of desktop publishing? Follow a few simple rules or guidelines to help ensure that you create the best looking pages possible. These are ...
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