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Hyphenation as Used in Desktop Publishing and Word Processing
The use of hyphens to join words (such as well-read or jack-of-all-trades) and to separate syllables of a single word (such as when splitting the word on multiple ...
Hyphenation & Justification as Used in Desktop Publishing
Hyphenation is used to break up longer words at the end of a line in order to have a more even, less ragged right edge or to create better-looking fully justified  ...
Hyphen - As Used in Desktop Publishing
Hyphenation is the use of hyphens. Some software programs including word processing and page layout software have automatic hyphenation settings that ...
Hyphens - CSS Style Property Description - Web Design/HTML
auto —The browser should automatically hyphenate words at appropriate break points based on both hard-coded hyphen information and dictionary-based ...
Hyphenation in CSS3 - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Learn how you can affect the typography of your web pages with more effective hyphenation using CSS3 properties. This article explains about the CSS3 ...
Hyphenation Examples and Testing - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Resize the browser window and watch the right edge to see how the hyphenation changes or doesn't change. Test in multiple browsers to see if that makes a ...
Hyphen - Definition and Examples (Punctuation)
Consider how the absence of hyphens affects the meaning of this headline. Adapted from The Revenge of Anguished English by Richard Lederer. St. Martin's ...
Using Hyphens in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
Beginning Spanish students, at least those who speak English as a first language , have a tendency to overuse hyphens. Hyphens (known as guiones) are used ...
Soft Hyphen - Desktop Publishing - About.com
When using the automatic hyphenation settings of word processing or page layout software, the software inserts a soft hyphen in a word that falls within the ...
Hyphen - German Punctuation: The Hyphen - German Language
In German specifically, hyphens can be used to combine nouns + nouns, adjectives + adjectives, suffixes + nouns, suffixes + adjectives, plus much more.
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