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Hyphenation as Used in Desktop Publishing and Word Processing
Some software programs including word processing and page layout software have automatic hyphenation settings that break words at suitable points when ...
Hyphenation & Justification as Used in Desktop Publishing
Hyphenation is used to break up longer words at the end of a line in order to have a more even, less ragged right edge or to create better-looking fully justified  ...
Soft Hyphen - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Automatic hyphenation creates soft hyphens in words.
Hyphenation in CSS3 - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Learn how you can affect the typography of your web pages with more effective hyphenation using CSS3 properties. This article explains about the CSS3 ...
Hyphens - CSS Style Property Description - Web Design/HTML
If hyphenation is critical for your design, you should force it manually with the ­ character. Be sure to test browser support in as many browsers as possible .
Hyphenation Examples and Testing - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Resize the browser window and watch the right edge to see how the hyphenation changes or doesn't change. Test in multiple browsers to see if that makes a ...
Using iBooks and the iBookstore: Settings - iPhone/iPod - About.com
Auto-hyphenation - To fully justify text, some hyphenation is required. If you're running iOS 4.2 or higher, slide to this On to hyphenate words rather than forcing  ...
Discretionary Hyphen - Used in Desktop Publishing
When using the automatic hyphenation settings of word processing or page layout software, the software inserts a discretionary hyphen in a word that falls within ...
Hyphen - As Used in Desktop Publishing
Hyphenation is the use of hyphens. Some software programs including word processing and page layout software have automatic hyphenation settings that ...
Hyphen - German Punctuation: The Hyphen - German Language
The Specifics of German Hyphenation Ever since the German spelling reform, German writers have been given greater flexibility in the use of hyphens.
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