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Type and Font Copyright Issues - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Whose font is it anyway? Typefaces are pieces of art, avoid dealing with stolen art; Find out how to protect yourself and the artists who design type. A feature ...
Copyright | Licensing | Terms of Usage Issues for Clip Art Fonts ...
Copyright • Licensing • Usage Issues. In addition to help in understanding copyright law, find out to legally use the work of others, how to protect your own work, ...
Copyright Issues on the Web & Intellectual Property
It is so easy to steal on the Web, but that doesn't make it legal. Copyright laws are enforced, and intellectual property is something to keep in mind. If you're in ...
Copyright on the Web - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Copyright and intellectual property laws still apply. ... If you have specific legal questions about copyright issues on the web, you should talk to a lawyer that ...
Legal Issues Bloggers Must Understand - Blogging - About.com
Learn the legal issues bloggers must know about and understand to stay out of trouble ... Follow the link to learn more about copyright licenses, including the ...
Copyright and Social Media for Business - US Business Law / Taxes
This article explains copyright, licenses, and fair use issues associated with social ... Copyrights and Social Media Issues. Fair Use, Licenses, and other Issues.
Are Web Designs and HTML Protected by Copyright?
HTML, CSS and the designs they create are protected by copyright. ... Before You Start a Website · Legal Issues and the Web · Copyright Issues on the Web ...
Copyright FAQs -- Copyright Issues and Your Writing - Fiction Writing
As a writer, you want to make sure your work is protected, and you also want to respect others' rights -- and avoid getting sued. What rights do you have?
Artist's Copyright FAQ: What Are the Copyright Issues With ... - Painting
An overview of the copyright issues when it comes to collage artwork, from the Artist's Copyright FAQ.
Crowdfunding Legal Issues for Small Businesses
This article discusses the new concept of crowdfunding and the legal issues ... is patentable might be presented, or a book or play that is subject to copyright.
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