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Learn About Plastic and Composite Materials
About Composites, the source for composite material and reinforced plastic information. Learn about lightweight composite materials including: carbon fiber,  ...
What Is a Composite Material? - Composites/Plastics - About.com
A "composite" is when two or more different materials are combined together to create a superior and unique material. This is an extremely broad definition that ...
Composites 101 - Composites/Plastics - About.com
Discover the fundamentals of composite materials. Learn the basics of resins, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and combining the constituents to form a composite.
History & Evolution of Composite Materials - Composites/Plastics
A composite is when two or more different materials are combined together to create a superior and unique material. The first uses of composites date back to ...
Manufacturing of Composites - Composites/Plastics - About.com
Polymer composites require unique manufacturing processes. Learn about the various techniques and processes used in manufacturing products using ...
What Is Carbon Fiber? - Composites/Plastics - About.com
When bound together with plastic polymer resin by heat, pressure or in a vacuum a composite material is formed that is both strong and lightweight. Much like ...
Resin Matrix - Resins Used In Composites - Composites/Plastics
Polymer resins are used to tightly hold reinforcing fibers together in FRP composite structures. Learn about the various resins used including epoxy, polyester, ...
Benefits of Composites - Composites/Plastics - About.com
The numerous features of composite materials have led to the widespread adoption and use through many different industries. It is because of these unique  ...
Introduction to FRP Composites - Composites/Plastics - About.com
Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) or Glass reinforced Polymer (GRP) is an extremely versatile material. FRP composites and their properties can be specifically ...
What's a Composite? - Composites/Plastics - About.com
A brief description and definition of composite materials.
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