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Tabs in Desktop Publishing Software (How To Set & Use & Align)
A tab is a software command that creates space in your text without hitting the space bar several times. Tabs are a fast and easy way to align text, especially ...
Using Tabs with Leaders in Desktop Publishing
Dot leaders, also called tab leaders or leader tabs are rows of dots that help lead the reader from one bit of information to another across a page.
Setting Leader Tabs in PageMaker - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Here's how to set a leader tab in Adobe PageMaker.
Using the Tab Character in Web Pages
Using a tab character in HTML can be tricky, as web browsers don't recognize tabs as anything different from other white space characters like space and return .
Sample Tabbed Navigation with CSS 3 and No Images
Sample CSS Tabbed Navigation. CSS 3; Tabs; For; Menus. Learn how to create tabbed navigation with CSS and no images just like this. You are welcome to ...
Guitar Tabs and Chords Archives and Resources - About.com
If you're interested in learning songs to play on guitar, you're going to need to get comfortable with guitar tabs. Here are resources for both learning to read guitar ...
Leader Tabs and Other Special Character Tabs - Desktop Publishing
Additionally, your software may have the option to turn any tab into a leader tab. This puts a series of dots, dashes, or lines in the space between the last text and  ...
Setting Leader Tabs in Microsoft Publisher - Desktop Publishing
To add leaders (dots, dashes, lines) to tabs in Microsoft Publisher place your cursor in your text frame then select Format | Tabs... and set your tabs and ...
(Safari) Enable Tabbed Browsing in OS X: Activate Tabs
A step-by-step tutorial on how to enable tabbed browsing in the Apple Safari Web browser for OS X, including details on creating new tabs. Page 4.
How to Change the Worksheet Tab Color in Excel - Spreadsheets
Similarly, you can use different colored tabs to differentiate between sheets containing unrelated information. Related Tutorial: Change the Worksheet Tab Color ...
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