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Red, White, & Blue
Patriotic Pantone Color Palettes
by Jacci Howard Bear
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These palettes feature ten faces of red and thirteen shades of blue in various combinations of red, white, and blue (or black). Please keep in mind that the colors as shown on the Web may appear different from the color in print.

Known as Old Glory Red and Old Glory Blue, these are the colors of the United States Flag. Some US States, such as Texas, use the same red and blue.

The colors of the Union Jack of the United Kingdom can be found in the flags of many nations, with or without additional colors. The flag of Australia, for instance, incorporates the Union Jack. The rest of the flag is sometimes depicted in slightly different shades or may match the UJ Red and UJ Blue.
Leave out the blue and use just this red and white for the flag of Bahrain.

This red, white, and blue belongs to Iceland.

Here is the red, white, and blue of Luxembourg.
Drop the blue and you'll have the colors of Canada. PMS 032 is specified as the closest Pantone match for the red of the Canadian flag. They further suggest PMS 485 for use in screens to retain the orange cast of the red.

This is the red, white, and blue used by Norway.

Use this red for the flag of Denmark.

Use this purplish red plus black and white for the flag of Georgia (the country not the US State).

Although there are no specified Pantone colors for the flag of Scotland the blue should be lighter than the darker UJ Blue. This PMS 299 or the PMS 300 (seen in the Antigua and Barbuda flag) are recommended.

This is the blue and white of Greece.

Here are the colors of Estonia.

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These palettes do not represent flags from every nation in the world but do cover a wide variety of color combinations. The colors presented here come from a variety of official and unofficial sources, including (but not limited to) color specifications found at Flags of the World.


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