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Thanksgiving Graphics - PNG Format
free for your use
edited by Jacci Howard Bear

PNG images of modified public domain images for your Web page — or other uses. See the terms of usage before taking these images. In honor of Burn All Your GIFs Day and for the benefit of those Webmasters who wish to avoid GIF images I've converted a small selection of my free GIF images to the PNG format.
BONUS: In most cases the PNG images are slightly smaller in file size than the GIF version.
IMPORTANT: If you cannot see the PNG images on this page then your browser may not fully support the PNG format. Go to the main Thanksgiving Index for these images in GIF and TIF formats as well as different sizes and other variations.
To grab this images, right-click on the image and save to your hard drive.
cornucopia style #1
Cornucopia PNG
cornucopia style #2
Cornucopia PNG
pumpkins style #1
Pumpkins PNG
pumpkins style #2
Pumpkins PNG
cooked turkey style #1
Cooked Turkey PNG
cooked turkey style #2
Cooked Turkey PNG
harvest basket
Harvest Basket PNG
Turkey PNG
table of food
Table of Food PNG
row of vegetables
Row of Vegetables PNG

See the PING PAGE for more PNG format images.

Terms of Usage: These modified images are provided free for your personal use (print or Web) or for use on a commercial Web page. The public domain images from which these graphics were derived (identified on each page as "original image" on the individual pages) is excluded from these terms of usage. The modified images may not be redistributed or sold, individually or as a package. I would be grateful for a link back to this site [http://desktoppub.about.com/] if you do use the images on a personal Web page. Use on a commercial Web site (except for other About GuideSites) does require a credit line/link somewhere on the site such as: [Images courtesy of Jacci Howard Bear, Desktop Publishing at About, http://desktoppub.about.com].

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