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Action Is (All of Them)
also known as the Austin Powers font

sample characters from Action Is, Action Is The Sequel, and Action Is Shaded JL, a free Austin Powers type font for download

Jeff Levine writes (in the readme file for Action Is Shaded JL):

"This typeface has become one of the most popular freeware fonts on the net, and is often nicknamed the Austin Powers font due to its obvious 60's feel.

"I'd noticed it in use on a title page for a souvenir photo album of pictures from the mid-60's TV show "Where The Action Is". (I work for Steve Alaimo, who co-hosted the show.)

"After pencil-tracing and modifying the letters to form a complete alphabet, the sketches were sent to Brad Nelson of Brain Eaters Font Co. for fine-tuning and scanning into a digital font.

"According to Brad, the posting of the font at Stu's Font Diner (where he also has his own font section) resulted in over 5000 downloads.

"Since then, we have learned of another use of the font; as the title of the best-selling book "Coffee, Tea or Me?". It seems the original font had a lower-case set, which I had not been aware of. I do not know the name of the original design, but our font has obviously been reconstructed with original letter forms taking the place of missing characters."

Download these Austin Powers fonts: Action Is (Jeff Levine & Brad O. Nelson)
Download: Action Is The Sequel (Brad O. Nelson)
Download: Action Is Shaded JL (Jeff Levine with Ray Larabie)
Download: All three in one archive

Notes: Mac versions in the 'Silverware' section of The Font Diner.

Web Sites: The Font Diner - Brain Eaters Font Co.
Lots of really nice fonts for sale and a selection of freebies too.

Graphic image may not depict the full character set for this font.

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