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Commercial School Fonts
print, cursive, trace
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These fonts mimic the style of type used to teach print and cursive handwriting skills. Most are US -based with some UK resources and Australian resources at the end.

Prices were current at the time this article was written. Check each site for changes — including specials and discounts.

Adobe, Inc.
Briem Script MM
"Type designer Briem began the light version of Briem Script in 1984 as an italic handwriting model for school children. It draws on a handwriting method that was set out by Ludovico Vincentino degli Arrighi in his La Operina, published in Rome in 1522. The bolder versions were added later. But since Briem Script is a multiple master typeface with a weight axis, you can create instances from Light to Ultrabold, and anything in-between. With its clear, friendly face, Briem Script is the perfect choice for food and clothing labels, children's software packaging, menus, and invitations." $69.99 (17 fonts)

ITC Stone Sans
"They contain the linguistic symbols used by the International Phonetic Association, comprising more than 300 letters and diacritical marks, both historical and official. These typefaces are appropriate for dictionaries, language guides, linguistic texts, or wherever else spoken sounds need to be typographically represented." $135.99 (6 fonts)

Graphite MM
"Architect's handwriting with a chiseled pencil look" it looks like a nice, neat printed alphabet. $95.99 (9 fonts)

Educational Fontware (EFI)
"D'Nealian ®-style, Zaner-Bloser ©-style, Harcourt Brace ®-style, Peterson Directed Handwriting ©-style, McDougal, Littell ©-style, Getty-Dubay Italic (TM), SSD, and Palmer style handwriting fonts" come with a variety of trace, ruled, and other variations. Pricing ranges from $25 to $49.95 to $250.00 depending on the licensing and packages purchased. Mac and Windows

"Manuscript, cursive, & D'Nealian-style fonts for learning handwriting, math, reading, & phonics in English & Spanish, plus clip art, math & ASL symbols." Individual Font Sets at $9.95 ea. Complete Set for $29.95 School Site License: $299.95 Mac and Windows TrueType

IdeaMaker, Inc.
Create your own handwriting worksheets with this software and fonts. $49.95 School Site Licensing Available

Font with ruled lines and with the numbered drawing lines for each letter stroke. 4 versions. (See the Free Stuff link for a free demo version) $29.95

Under Calligraphic fonts you'll find one called Skrypta which is "quite close to the "ideal" cursive handwriting as described by school manuals." Available only in the package with other fonts. $29.95

Mountain Lake Software
Their School Font Collection contains trace and D'Nealian fonts. $39.95 (Same as the Visions Technology Product described below)

The Peterson Method Font Family
Also available through EFI

School Fonts for Beginning Writing
13 fonts from Kim Voss (Ashley's Mom) to teach reading and writing. 12 are traceable fonts. $59.00-$149.00 Mac and Windows, TrueType and Type 1 formats

Signature Software, Inc.
SchoolHouse Fonts
"Zaner-Bloser(Set A) or D'Nealian(Set B) styles include 18 different fonts in printed and cursive types." $49.95 per set $249.95 site license Mac and Windows

Visions Technology Product Line
School Font Collection
Commercial product for teaching "primary students how to form letters and develop handwriting skills using fonts such as the Trace fonts and D' Nealian fonts." Pricing is for either Mac or Windows except where indicated. To order, call 800-877-0858. Single School (Mac or Win) $39.95 5 Computer License $119.95 Single Site License (35 CD) $249.95 Single Site License (unlimited) $349.95

Club Type (UK)
Sassoon Primary Typefaces
Manuscript fonts designed both for reading and handwriting. Include alternative versions of some characters such as G, I, J, f, k, q, and numerals.

Sassoon Montessori
Manuscript fonts designed for children's handwriting exercises. Alternate characters included. Solid, dotted, and outline versions available.

Handwriting for Windows
This is actually a software program that includes a handwriting font. Use to create practice worksheets in cursive. Developed by a teacher in the UK.

InfaDot (UK)
Set of 4 cursive fonts and a phonetic font for creating your own handwriting worksheets. Mac and Windows.

More than words online(UK)
Developer of custom infant fonts for educational publishers.

Teacher Fonts
A variety of font packages for use in the classroom (math, historical, holidays) including some primary fonts that teach good handwriting skills. Look under Catalogue | Literacy for the listing.

Aussie Fonts
From New Horizons, for Windows, 11 handwriting styles used by schools around Australia; New South Wales 1 & 2, Queensland 1 and 2, South Australia 1 & 2, Tasmania 1 & 2, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Victoria.

Sheperdson School Fonts
Handwriting and Math fonts for schools including New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory, and Tasmanian. Each set includes Bold, Dots, Cursive, Outline, Regular, Numbered Dots, and Numbered Outline. $25 plus $5 postage/handling per set. Mac and PC formats.

All the School Fonts


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