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Hemera Photo-Objects Volumes I & II

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Hemera Photo-Objects box shot

The Bottom Line

These transparent background objects are great fun for Web graphics and printed projects. For professional work, some tweaking is required. A time-saver over other background removal techniques.
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  • Excellent image variety
  • Powerful image search/export utility
  • Bonus PhotoFont Maker software


  • Image resolution low for some high-end work


  • 50,000 background-free photos of everyday objects per volume
  • Images are 24 bit RGB with an 8-bit alpha channel for transparency
  • Integrated search/export facility for when both volumes are installed
  • Export images in many popular graphics formats
  • PhotoFont Maker bonus software
  • Printed catalog
  • Available for Mac and Windows

Guide Review - Hemera Photo-Objects Volumes I & II

These high-quality, professionally photographed images with the backgrounds removed can be used as-is or combined in countless different ways to create custom designs for the Web, presentations, greeting cards, newsletters, and more. The image search utility makes it easy to find the right graphic. Some tweaking is needed to fully take advantage of the transparent backgrounds. However, the included manual does a good job of explaining which format to use and how it works with a variety of consumer and high-end design applications from Corel Print House to Adobe Photoshop. For high-end design, the resolution may be somewhat limiting but for most uses Photo-Objects are a wonderful addition to anyone's clip art collection.
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