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Small Business Desktop Publishing Software for Business Professionals


Microsoft Publisher 2010 Box Shot and Sample Template

Microsoft Publisher 2010 Box Shot and Sample Template

Box shot courtesy of PriceGrabber
Programs for SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) desktop publishing are in two groups - those primarily designed for desktop printing and simple Web publishing and those with more advanced features. Usually desktop publishing software marketed to small business professionals has features and a price tag aimed at the non-designer with little or no desktop publishing skills.

Small Business Desktop Publishing Software is used for:

Often small business owners want to produce their own marketing and collateral materials such as brochures, business cards, ads, fliers, and marketing newsletters.

Small Business Desktop Publishing Software is used by:

Programs in this category are generally tailored to non-designer small business owners including home-based businesses with few or no employees.

Small Business Desktop Publishing Software Features:

Ease of use, templates or design wizards, and sometimes large font and clip art collections are characteristic of this class of program. The template collection is often geared toward common business documents including Web site templates for business use, business cards, invoices, and sales fliers. The better programs for SOHO use provide PostScript, PDF, or other export capabilities that make commercial printing of digital files possible as well as desktop printing.

Primary Software in the Small Business Category:

Although these programs may also have features that make them suitable to other sub-categories of desktop publishing, they are generally the best choices for the projects and users described in this profile.

Secondary Software in the Small Business Category:

Home Publishing software such as The Print Shop and Print Artist share several characteristics with this category of software such as ease of use, templates, clip art, and a lower price than professional-level desktop publishing software. Some of these families of products also produce a business edition with more business-oriented templates.

There are numerous specialty purpose programs that focus on just one or two types of projects.

Alternative Software in the Small Business Category:

Any software in the page layout category is capable of producing the documents required by small businesses, although the price and learning curve are greater. Office suites and word processing software are often sufficient for some small businesses. These include Microsoft Office and Apple iWork.

For more publishing options for business professionals see database publishing, enterprise publishing, and long document composition.


The specific software programs described in this profile are not the only software suitable for these tasks. They are, however, some of the most widely used desktop publishing programs that fit this category. For more choices in this and other categories of desktop publishing software see The Really Big List of Desktop Publishing Software.

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