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Daily Dose of DTP - Final Exam

Six quizzes to test yourself


Take the Daily Dose of DTP class online or by email. Once you've successfully completed the email class or the online version of this course. it's time to see how much you've learned. The final exam is composed of 6 separate multiple choice and matching quizzes - one associated with each section of the class. The three multiple choice quizzes range in length from 5 to 10 questions. The three matching quizzes are single pages where you match 10 or 20 items with a description. Each quiz in the final exam is linked below and in the sidebar.

If you prefer, instead of doing all 6 quizzes at the end of the class you may do each quiz as you complete each section or associated group of lessons in the class. Take them again at the end to see if you can improve your score.

General Concepts

Before you can do desktop publishing you have to know what it is. In this section we're looking at definitions of broad concepts and categories.
General Concepts Quiz - 5 multiple choice questions

Things You Need

How much do you know about desktop publishing software and templates?
Things You Need Quiz - matching 10 terms/descriptions


Font formats and basic font styles are the focus of this section.
Fonts Quiz - 5 question multiple choice


This section covers graphics formats used in desktop publishing and the basics of resolution.
Images Quiz - matching 10 terms/descriptions

Prepress & Printing

Creating the document is only part of desktop publishing. Do you know how to get it ready to print and ensure it prints properly?
Prepress & Printing Quiz - 20 items to match (harder than you might think)

Rules & Tasks

Sure, you've heard it plenty of times: you need to know the rules before you break the rules. Well, do you know the rules and how they apply to your desktop publishing projects?
Rules & Tasks Quiz - 10 question multiple choice

If you no longer have the email version of a lesson use the lost lessons page to retrieve the missing lesson for review or use the index of online lessons.


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