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How To Create a Watermark in Publisher


A watermark is a light-colored, often gray, image or text that appears in the background of your pages. It can be decorative or it could be used to prevent others from copying and using proof or draft documents before finalized. You can place a watermark on the pages of a Microsoft Publisher publication.
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Here's How:

  1. To automatically put the watermark image on all pages of your publication choose View | Go to background.

  2. For a graphic watermark insert the appropriate clip art gallery object or other image.

  3. For a text watermark you must create the text using WordArt.

  4. For graphics, choose Format | Recolor Object then change the color to a light gray.

  5. Use the Shading button to recolor your WordArt text to a light gray.

  6. Choose View | Go to foreground to return to creating your publication.

  7. If your Watermark is hidden by the text in your publication choose Format | Fill Color then No Fill (or Ctrl+T) so the Watermark can show through.


  1. If you use text rather than WordArt to create a text watermark, it will print as black text even if you change the Font color to light gray.

What You Need

  • Microsoft Publisher
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