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Laminate Proofs
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Definition: One of the more expensive but more accurate types of prepress proofs are laminate proofs. These full-color proofs are created from the negatives used to make the printing plates. Each separation is transferred to a separate sheet and the layers are fused or laminated together to give an extremely accurate representation of the final printed piece. Matchprint and DuPont Cromalin and DuPont Waterproof are common types of laminate proofing systems.

Laminate proofs are currently the de facto standard for contract proofs.

Also Known As: Matchprint | Cromalin | analog proof
Use laminate proofs to show (as accurately as possible without a press proof) how the color will look in the final printed piece, to check registration, to identify moire problems. Some types of laminate proofs can be transferred to the final paper stock for increased color accuracy.

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