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Letterpress printing example; photo by borisforconi, CC by 2.0 license via Flickr.com

Letterpress (a type of relief printing) wedding announcement and printing plate. Image by borisforconi via Flickr.com; CC By 2.0 | Printing Glossary | Alpha Index to Full Glossary:

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In relief printing the image to be transferred to paper (or other surface) is raised above the surface of the printing plate. Ink is applied to the raised surface then rolled or stamped onto the substrate. The relief printing process is similiar to using an inkpad and stamp such as in rubberstamping.

Flexography and letterpress are forms of relief printing.

Although the image to be printed is raised on the printing plate, relief printing does not necessarily create relief or raised lettering such as found in embossing and thermography.

Common Misspellings: releif printing
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