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Use Guides in Adobe PageMaker

Try all of these Options for using guides


Guides are used to help visualize non-printing areas, align text, and align images and other graphic elements on the page and to each other. Try these tips on how to make this process a little simpler or modify how guides work in Adobe PageMaker.
  • To select an object and not the guide that overlaps it hold down Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) while selecting the object.

  • To avoid grabbing the guides instead of other objects on the page go to View > Send Guides to Back. Do this without a publication open and all new publications will have this Option already set.

  • If you accidentally drag a guide out of position:
    • Immediately after moving a page or column guide, choose Edit > Undo or press Command+Z (Mac) or Ctrl+Z (Windows)
    • If page and column guides are based on a master page, choose Layout > Copy Master Guides to remove local guides and replace them with the master guides.

  • To precisely position objects on the page, choose View > Snap to Guides then drag guides into the desired position. Objects will then snap to the nearest margin, column, and ruler guides.

  • Adjust the Snap to Zone - that area around the edge of the page and guides within which objects are considered aligned - in File > Preferences > Layout Adjustment > Snap to Zone.

  • Use Utilities > Plug-ins > Grid Manager for greater control of guides and to save an arrangement of column and ruler guides for use as a layout grid in other publications.

Types of guides | Set up guides | View guides

+ means "and" that is, Ctrl+1 means hold down the Control and 1 keys simultaneously. When plus refers to the plus sign, (plus) appears in parentheses as in Command++(plus) means hold down the Command and Plus keys at the same time.

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