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Use Imposition to Save Money on Color Printing

Reduce the cost of four-color process printing


Printed signatures; Ms. Tharpe; CC by 2.0

Printed signatures ready to be trimmed, folded.

Image by Ms. Tharpe via Flickr; CC BY 2.0
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If planning a publication that mixes black and white with some four-color process (CMYK) illustrations — plan all color so that it falls on one side of a press sheet or all within a single signature when the job consists of multiple signatures. This can save time and money by having to print only one side of the paper in color.

You've probably run across books that had a section in the middle or at the end of each chapter that contained all the color photographs while the rest of the book was in black and white. That's one way of doing this. You can have color throughout by just using one side of the sheet of paper for color. Once assembled into a book, booklet, or other document the color will appear to be spread through the publication.

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