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Lorem ipsum dolor Placeholder Text

Use placeholder text in your preliminary page layouts


lorem ipsum placeholder text

Lorem ipsum text used as placeholder text in a layout. | Get Copyfitting Text

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lorem ipsum placeholder text

Lorem ipsum placeholder text used in a page layout.

Jacci Howard Bear
Hold your place with Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. These Latin-esque words are a portion of a common placeholder text file.
2 placeholder text versions to use: [lorem.txt - 3 repeating evenly sized paragraphs] [lorem2.txt - 10 paragraphs of mixed length]

There's no need to adjust your browser or change your eyeglasses. If the first paragraph, above, appears greek to you — you aren't seeing things. It's an example of greeked text used by desktop publishers and others for years. The Lorem ipsum text is a series of somewhat nonsense sentences derived from some actual Latin components. It is also referred to as placeholder or dummy text. The purpose?

  • In Templates
    Use as placeholder text in templates if there is no placeholder text already in place.


  • Initial Layouts
    Use during initial page layout and font selection exercises when first starting a design project or when planning a newsletter or Web page when you don't have the actual copy available.


  • Testing Type & Layout
    Use with various fonts and layouts to get a feel for how each type choice and design will look with real text and for finding ideal line lengths. The word lengths and letters are similar to the actual frequency of letters in English which makes it good for approximating any text.


  • Samples
    Use when creating examples of document designs for clients, students. [including Web pages]


  • Type Specimen Sheets
    Use when creating type specimen sheets or examples from which you or clients choose fonts for a project.
You could cut and paste the first paragraph of this article over and over, or download one of the Lorem ipsum text files I created. The first is simply 3 variations of the same paragraph repeated over and over. The second is 10 unique paragraphs of varying length. Right click (PC) or click/hold (Mac) on the link then save the plain text file to your hard drive. Or click on the link and choose "Save" in your browser. See the links at the end of this article for more variations on the lorem ipsum placeholder text.
  • [lorem.txt - 40+ evenly sized paragraphs of placeholder text]
  • [lorem2.txt - 10 paragraphs of mixed length placeholder text]

Note: Because the lorem ipsum placeholder text file was saved with no line breaks, in your browser each paragraph might appear as one long sentence scrolling off to the right forever and ever. In your text editor turn on "word wrap" to read the plain text file.


To use this placeholder text file, cut and paste, import, or place the text in your document and apply your desired font styles and other formatting options. For templates (or sample documents to show clients), simply save the file. To use a template, replace the dummy text with your own text.


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