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Save Money on Desktop Publishing

Cost-Cutting Design and Printing Tips


Saving money is good for you, good for your client. But to do it right, cost-savings must be considered at every step of the design and production process.

Forum member Nicole was wondering "...if anyone has a good resource or reference guide for printing cost / cost saving design techniques.- I'd basically like just a general overview to answer questions about costs of folding, die cutting, bleeds, multiple pages...i.e. What's more expensive? What's less expensive?"

While I'm not aware of any all-in-one reference (Do you know of one? Tell us!) I have rounded up several resources from this site that offer cost-cutting tips or show the relative cost of certain types of design and printing choices.

Design with Spot Colors
One way to use color and control costs is to use screens (tints) of a single spot color plus black. For more interest, add another spot color.

Paper Money-Savers
This series of tips addresses paper size, grade, bleeds, price breaks, and other ways to get your project printed less expensively.

Use Pre-Printed Paper
Like templates, stock photos, and clip art, preprinted paper is a useful tool for saving money and saving time without sacrificing appearance. This article offers tips on how to successfully use pre-printed papers.

Proofs for Desktop Publishing
Outline includes indicators of the relative cost of different types of proofs compared to other types.

Printing Production Time-Savers
Not only do these tips on inks, paper, file format, alterations, print quality, and other printing issues save time, they can save money when getting the job done.

On page two I've rounded up even more money-saving tips on design, prepress, printing, and finishing gleaned from various articles on this site. So don't stop here. The money-saving measures continue...

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