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Reader's Cues: Using Continuation Heads in Newsletter Design

The Story Continues


Continuation heads and jumplines

Continuation heads identify stories jumped from other pages

When articles jump from one page to another, continuation heads identify the continued portion of the articles.
The continuation headlines, along with jumplines, provide continuity and cue the reader as to where to pick up reading in your newspaper, magazine, or newsletter design.

Designing Continuation Heads
When planning styles for a publication, plan for enough contrast between headlines (typically the largest recurring element) and body copy to accommodate intermediate sizes and styles for continuation heads, subheads, and similiar elements.

  • Typically, continuation heads are set in the same typeface but at a slightly smaller size than the main article headline.

  • Continuation heads should not be exact duplicates of the article headline.

  • Ideally, continuation heads will contain at least a few of the same words as the main headline.

  • Place continued from jumplines below or above the continuation heads.

Be consistent in the use of and style of continuation heads in newspaper, magazine, and newsletter design layouts. Set up and use paragraph styles for continuation heads in your page layout software to maintain consistency of fonts, spacing, and alignment. When proofreading, be sure that whatever identifying word or phrase, if any, used in the preceding jumpline is also in the continuation headline. Make it easy for readers to identify the rest of the story.

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