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View Guides in Adobe InDesign

Try all of these Options for viewing guides


There are multiple ways to make margin, column, and ruler guides visible and invisible as well as change colors, and remove them completely in Adobe InDesign. These tips only discuss options for guides and do not specifically address document and baseline grids.
  • Switch to Preview Mode (Preview icon at bottom of toolbox or keyboard shortcut W, except when using the type tool) to show what the page looks like without non-printing elements, such as guides. Switch back to Normal View to see the guides.

  • Go to the View > Hide Guides to make guides invisible.

  • Go to File > Preferences > General > Guides to select a color for margin and column guides.

  • Keep track of multiple ruler guides used for a variety of purposes by color-coding them. Select the ruler guide(s) and choose Layout > Ruler Guides. Select a preset color or a custom color for the guide(s).

  • Control the magnification level at which ruler guides are visible. In the Layout > Ruler Guides menu set a view threshold percentage higher than the 5% default to restrict the visibility of guides. For example, at 5% the guides are visible at all magnifications. At 200% the guides are only visible when zoomed in at 200% magnification or higher.

  • Unlike PageMaker where dragging a guide onto a ruler or out of the publication window deletes it, in InDesign to remove a ruler guide, select the guide(s) and press the Delete key. Dragging scrolls the window and doesn't delete the guide.

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