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Use Guides in Adobe InDesign

Try all of these Options for using guides


Guides are used to help visualize non-printing areas, align text, and align images and other graphic elements on the page and to each other. Try these tips on how to make this process a little simpler or modify how guides work in Adobe InDesign. These tips only discuss options for guides and do not specifically address document and baseline grids.
  • To avoid grabbing the guides instead of other objects on the page go to File > Preferences > General > Guides and check the Guides in Back box. This will put guides at the bottom of the stacking order so they don't interfere with object selection.

  • To precisely position objects on the page, choose View > Snap to Guides then drag guides into the desired position. Objects will then snap to the nearest margin, column, and ruler guides. (Snap does not happen if the Guides are Hidden or are on a Hidden Layer.)

  • Adjust the Snap to Zone - that area around the edge of the page and guides within which objects are considered aligned - in File > Preferences > General > Guides.

  • Normally guides are nonprinting; however, in the General Panel of the Print Dialog Box select "Print Visible Guides and Baseline Grids" to make all visible guides (i.e. not hidden or on hidden layers) print out.

Types of guides | Set up guides | View guides

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