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Text Selection Tricks

No dragging required


Text selection animation
The beauty of this simple shortcut is that it works in more than just InDesign. Try it in your email, text editor, or word processor too. You probably already know how to click your way through the selection of a word or paragraph but let's review:
  • Click once to place the cursor in the text.
  • Click twice to select (highlight) the whole word.
  • Click three times to select (highlight) the entire paragraph.

If you want some portion in between you could click, drag, and click. But if you have large blocks of text to select this can be tricky. There's a quicker, more accurate way:

  1. Click once to place the cursor in the text at the start of your selection.
  2. Place the cursor to the end point of your selection.
  3. Hold down the SHIFT key and click once. The text between those two points is selected (highlighted).

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