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Halloween Dingbat Fonts

Find Halloween clip art inside these free dingbat fonts


halloween holiday fonts clip art

Get your spooky Halloween fonts and clip art here. | See All the Halloween Craft Project Ideas

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Dingbat fonts are like a little mini-clip art collection. These free TrueType dingbat fonts of ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and other Halloween pictures provide dozens of holiday images from the scary to the goofy.
  • 10 Lil' Ghosts
    The name of the font says it all. More would be nice, but they are cute.

  • Gargoyles de France
    These aren't your typical gargoyles of stone. Find fun images of grotesque characters.

  • GroovyGhosties
    Some of the ghosts-shaped-liked-letters are difficult to decipher but on the plus side there are numbers and several common marks of punctuation.

  • Halloween Borders
    A nicely drawn collection of jack-o-lanterns, skulls, and tombstones that work well individually as well as put together for spooky borders and frames.

  • iLL oCtoBer
    Nice selection of traditional Halloween images including witch, black cat, skulls, tombstone, ghosts, and bats in a cut-out style. Also has devilish faces, shapes, and symbols.

  • iLL oCtoBer 98
    Lots of nice simple cut-outs of classic Halloween images and more symbols. If you already have the earlier iLL oCtoBer, you'll find only a few different dings.

  • MonsterParty
    These are some nicely rendered images of classic monsters, creatures, and actors from the movies and TV.

  • Pumpkinese
    Not a particularly exciting font, but readable. Could appeal to young children with its clear letters and simple pumpkin shapes.

  • Skullz
    There's more here than just a skull and crossbones, although there are several of those to choose from. It's a nice collection of skulls and bones in several styles.

Halloween Clip Art Hidden in Dingbat Fonts

Because they are not strictly Halloween-themed it can be hard to know if a general purpose dingbat font contains any useful Halloween images. Browse this collection of free fonts that do contain hidden Halloween images of familiar symbols, scary monsters, and real people.
  1. Halloween Dripping Blood Fonts
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  3. Halloween Clip Art

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