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Add Interest with Frames, Boxes, Borders

Desktop Publishing Rules for Frames Use


Creative frames boxes

Add interest with drop shadows, clip art borders, coupon borders.

Framed certificate

This traditional style of certificate uses a fancy border made of lines.

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Convey an idea, add interest
Let your frames or borders set the tone for your document, provide visual interest, or enhance the message of your text.

Simply serious. Simple frames are generally best for serious work such as school reports, annual reports, and manuscripts, as well as for icons.

Drop in interest. Even a simple frame can add information to your text. In the image over the sidebar, the increasing percentages are emphasized by drop shadows that make the frames float above the page.

Let's Decorate. Fancy frames dress up simple fliers. They could also complement the copy, such as a border of sad dog faces on a Lost Dog flier.

Double-duty borders. In the ad for AccuScribe (image over sidebar), the border for the ad also serves as clip art. Unusual shapes can draw attention to the frame contents — especially when competing on a busy page, such as one full of advertisements in a newspaper.

Cut on the dotted line. Coupons in ads increase sales. Even when you aren't offering a coupon, use the familiar dash line frame to give your ad the appearance of a coupon.

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