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It Bears Repeating: You Don't Have to be an Artist to Use Clip Art Effectively

Multiple images can work


Repeat an image

Cloning penguins is not science, it's art.

One of the complaints about clip art is that many people — desktop publishing beginners and pros included — tend to overuse it, use it inappropriately, or use the same old boring images over and over. However, there are easy ways to use the same image over and over without being boring.

These techniques require little to moderate skill using graphics programs. They are great if you have limited graphic design skills or for those times when you just need to throw something together fast — but you still want to avoid that "canned clip art" look.

If one piece of clip art is good — 2, 3, or 4 are even better, right? Could be. Try these illustrated repeating ideas. Take a single piece of art and make several duplicates.

The next time you find yourself lamenting your lack of clip art, lack of skill, or lack of time — repeat yourself. Find that single piece of clip art and make a statement by using it 2, 3, 4, or a dozen times.

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