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People & Faces Dingbats



People, faces, stick figures in font form

Make a funny face with these mini-clip art collections in font form. These dingbats feature both cartoon style and realistically drawn people and faces in several individual themes.

Using People Dingbats:

As with any clip art image, use restraint and don't fill a document with too many bits and pieces of clip art. Many of these fonts work best at large sizes. Use one or two appropriate characters to dress up fliers, party invitations, or newsletters. Use a graphics program to colorize individual characters.

Free People Dingbats to Download:

Each page includes an image and information about the font and font author as well as the download links.

Clown Sketches
a variety of happy and sad clown faces

Dancefloor eXit
sticklike break dancers

Doodle Dudes of Doom
goofy faces, some human, some animal, some oddball

men, women, and children in traditional Dutch attire

smiley faces gone wild

Funny Faces
old, young, silly, angry, mean, funny-looking faces

Gabriel's Angels
cute cupids in many poses

nerds and other geeky guy heads

Hair Apparent
same basic man's face with a variety of hairstyles

Junior Attitudes
round baby face with different expressions

The Kids
round-faced heads with different hair, hats, etc.

More Free Fonts to Download:

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