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iLL oCtoBer

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Free Halloween Font

The Bottom Line

Nice selection of traditional Halloween images including witch, black cat, skulls, tombstone, ghosts, and bats in a cut-out style. Also has devilish faces, shapes, and symbols.

Download iLL oCtoBer


  • Variety of images
  • Mac and Windows versions available


  • Some images have only slight variations


  • Author: Kees Gajentaan
  • Distributed as Thankware - Like it? Thank the author.
  • Windows and Mac TrueType

Guide Review - iLL oCtoBer

Find classic Halloween symbols such as bats, a witch, spiders, and ghosts drawn in a simple, modern style reminescent of paper cut-outs. There are several variations on a skull and crossbones, angry jack-o-lanterns, black cats, and snakes. There are also some monsters and devilish faces along with swirls, lightning bolts, and other symbols. A newer version of the font, iLL oCtoBer 98, has a handful of slightly different characters but repeats much of what is found in this version. See the full character set and download.

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