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Dingbats, DingLets, Flourishes Fonts


dingbats free fonts

Dingbats are mini-clip art & bullet collections

Dingbat fonts are digital fonts that substitute pictures in place of the usual letters, numbers, and punctuation of most fonts. They are like mini-clip art collections and some dingbats make good bullets or icons.

Using Dingbats:

Use dingbats as you would any type of clip art. Some are quite basic and simple and make good decorative bullets and endsigns. Others have a great deal of detail and can serve like any other piece of clip art to illustrate fliers, brochures, newsletters, or greeting cards. Like any digital font, dingbats have no color. Use graphics software to colorize the individual characters, such as those shown in the sidebar image.
The simple shapes and pictures found in many dingbat fonts make them especially useful in logo design or as icons or symbols in newsletters, books, brochures, or other types of publications. Combine dingbats with other dingbats or clip art to increase their usefulness.

DingLets (Letterbats):

Letters and other characters made from pictures of other objects plus objects with letters inside (such as the Party Ballons font) and letters dressed up to look like people or animals.
View & Download Free DingLets

Holiday Dingbats:

Dingbats and letterbats with a holiday theme.
View & Download Free Holiday Bats

People & Faces:

Smiles, smirks, frowns, and clowns -- fonts that are pictures of people.
View & Download Free People Dingbats

More Dingbats (Unclassified):

These are dingbat fonts that haven't been placed in a specific theme category yet.

More Fonts to Download:

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