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GF Ordner Normal and Inverted

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GF Ordner Normal and Inverted

The Bottom Line

Label me font happy with this grungy font that looks like those old plastic labels you punched out a letter at a time. The inverted version is a plus as well. View Character Set and Download


  • Two Styles for greater flexibility
  • Mac and Windows versions available


  • No space character (for Normal style)
  • Some missing common symbols


  • Author: Lorenz Goldnagl
  • Distributed free for personal use only; register for commercial use
  • Mac Type 1 and Windows TrueType

Guide Review - GF Ordner Normal and Inverted

A lot easier to use than the old plastic labels they mimic, this font is loads of fun. Use for creative headlines and in graphics. The characters are slightly distressed. I do wish the Normal version came with a space character to make more realistic looking labels. Like those label makers, you'll find only capital letters and there are some common symbols missing such as apostrophe and ampersand that keep it from rating 4.5 or 5 stars.

See the full character set and download links.

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