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Free Fonts Library


This free fonts library is a Font Presentation Site for free fonts and a few shareware fonts. Free fonts are those fonts that the font author or type foundry has specifically made available at no charge for personal and/or commercial use. If you're looking for just the right font with slab serifs or something with fun, girlish curls here's where to start your search. Fonts are presented by category, theme, and alphabetically.

Lookalike Fonts:

Find the name of a font that looks like another including almost exact duplicates and pretty darn close matches. Browse the Lookalike - Font Aliases List. (primarily but not exclusively commercial fonts)

Alphabetical Index of Free Fonts:

Know the name? See if it's here.
Alphabetical List of Free Fonts #-Z

Decorative Free Fonts:

These typefaces are generally best suited for headlines, graphic titles, and other uses at larger than body copy sizes.


These typefaces are like mini-clipart collections in font form.

These dingbat font links are posted in the About Type & Fonts forum. Links within each message go to sites outside of the About Desktop Publishing GuideSite.

Grunge Free Fonts:

From slightly distressed or corroded edges to barely readable, these are messy fonts for special purposes.

Handwriting Free Fonts:

Styled after print or cursive writing, these typefaces range from fancy formal to cool casual.

Basic Text Free Fonts:

Currently not a well-developed category, these free fonts are more suitable for body copy uses than other more elaborate or irregular fonts.

Jacci's Free Fonts:

I'm not as prolific as many free font authors but I've made a few fonts myself. Try out one of my handful of free fonts.

Theme Fonts Directories:

The theme directories include links to sites outside of About Desktop Publishing that specialize in specific types of free fonts.

Handwriting Fonts | Historical Fonts | Holiday Fonts | Sci-Fi & Alien Fonts | TV & Movie Fonts | Typewriter Fonts

Terms of Usage: Some fonts may be for personal use only. Others have few or no restrictions. Please honor the terms of usage for each package. Not all free fonts are really free. When browsing font collections outside of this site be aware that many shareware and commercial fonts are erroneously listed as freely available (out of ignorance or misunderstanding or in knowing disregard of copyright and intellectual property rights). About.com Desktop Publishing and About.com do not condone this practice. If any fonts found for download on this site are found to be misrepresented as free fonts, please contact me at desktoppub@aboutguide.com.

Alpha Index:
Know the name? See if it's here.
Alphabetical List of Free Fonts #-Z

Formats: Almost all Font Library downloads are Windows TrueType. See the Notes section of each font for availability (at the author's site) of Macintosh fonts or Windows Type 1 fonts. A few newer additions have direct downloads of Mac versions.

How to Use Fonts: Whether you get them free or pay for your fonts, learn how to use them to best advantage. The design and use of typefaces as a means of visual communication from calligraphy to the ever-developing use of digital type is the broad use of the term typography. Typography is sometimes seen as encompassing many separate fields from the type designer who creates letterforms to the graphic designer who selects typefaces and arranges them on the page. Explore the many Typography Tutorials at this site.

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