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Harry Potter Fonts

Download free fonts with lightning bolts or a magical look


Harry Potter Fonts

Examples of some of the free Harry Potter fonts found on the Web.

updated August 21, 2011

Whether you are creating a celebratory Harry Potter fan page, just want to write a mystical message, or you're designing signs and posters for a Harry Potter-themed party, look here for some great Harry Potter fonts. Two of the best known can be downloaded in the next paragraph. Explore further down the page for more great lightning bolt letters and magical characters as well as Hogwarts-style party ideas.

Download HarryP and Lumos PC Fonts

Some free Harry Potter-inspired fonts have been around for many years, including these two.
Download: HarryP.zip | Lumos.zip

See the links to other Web sites (below) for even more similar Harry Potter fonts and some with a magical flavor.

Get the Hocus Pocus Professional Font

For four times the magical fun, you may want to consider purchasing Hocus Pocus. This professionally designed Harry Potter style font comes with three or more times as many characters in 4 different styles. And it's all just $25US. From David Occhino Design, the Hocus Pocus, a Harry Potter font features alternate versions of all upper and lower case characters, numbers, complete punctuation, and a Magic Bolt style with some lightning bolt characters. Need more incentive to buy a font when others are free? Compare the character set, appearance, and quality of Hocus Pocus with other Harry Potter fonts to see how much more you get. Released in December 2008.

Explore More Harry Potter Fonts

The links, below, go outside About.com Desktop Publishing

Most of these sites all have the same fonts but in case a site goes down, you have other options. Also, you may prefer the browsing experience of one site over another.
  • Font Space - Harry Potter Fonts
    Dumbledor, HP Poster, and LumosLatino are among the offerings here. You'll also find Witches Magic and Magic School for some mystical messaging. Magic School, HarryPotter7, ParselTongue, and a few others are commercial use friendly. Most are personal use only.

  • The Daily Prophet - Harry Potter Resources
    Offers downloads of Hogwarts Wizard, Lumos, Magical Me, and others in ZIP files. HarryP comes in a Mac version, the rest are PC.

  • MuggleNet - Harry Potter Fonts
    You'll find the usual, HarryP, Lumos, and others that are inspired by Harry Potter including Hagrid, Magdeburg, and Magical Me. There's also ES MuggleNet. Click the images for an immediate download of the ZIP files.

July 2011: NBC Universal Accused of Million-Dollar 'Harry Potter' Font Theft

Answers to your font installation questions.

Download Some Star-Studded and Spooky Fonts

Although not specifically based on the typefaces associated with Harry Potter, fonts with stars are often featured on Harry Potter font pages. Here are some free star-studded fonts you may want to consider for use in your Harry Potter projects:
Milky Way | FontDiner.com Sparkly | Starry Night

And if you're aiming for scary, such as for Halloween, here's a large collection of text and dingbat Halloween fonts (including dripping blood fonts). Use a Harry Potter font with a creepy Halloween dingbat for great posters. Color them in on your computer or by hand.

Decorate and Celebrate With Harry Potter

Find artwork, gifts, and everything you need for a Hogwarts-style Halloween or Birthday party. Don't miss the text tutorial for really dressing up your party posters.
  • Draw. Learn how to draw Fluffy, the Three-Headed Dog, and other Harry Potter Characters with these Harry Potter Fan Art Drawings.

  • Make. For Halloween, how about making a Harry Potter costume? Here's a description of the items you'll need and how to make or fake 'em from the scarf and tie to the glasses and wand.

  • Party. Throw a Harry Potter Halloween party. From decorating your home Hogwarts style to a Leaky Cauldron menu, here's all the things you'll need to make your party fun, scary, and magical.

  • Create. Turn your downloaded Harry Potter font into gold (or silver or bronze). This Harry Potter Movie Font - Bronze, Silver, and Gold Text Tutorial is a Photoshop tutorial that shows you how to make your text shine like a real Hollywood movie poster.

  • Buy. Know a Harry Potter fan? Give them books, brooms, or museum tickets. Get some Harry Potter Gift Ideas.

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