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How To Type Characters With Umlaut Accent Marks


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Umlaut accent marks are two small dots over a letter, and in the case of the lower case i those dots replace the single dot. Umlaut accent marks are found in words like naïve.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: A few seconds to type or code a umlaut accented character

Here's How:

  1. The umlaut accent marks are found on the upper and lower case vowels Ä ä Ë ë Ï ï Ö ö Ü ü Ÿ ÿ
  2. On a Mac, hold down Opt while typing the letter to create characters with umlaut accent marks.
  3. Under Windows hold down ALT while typing the appropriate number code on your numeric keypad to create characters with umlaut accent marks.

    For Windows, the number codes for the upper case letters are:
    Ä 0196
    Ë 0203
    Ï 0207
    Ö 0214
    Ü 0220
    Ÿ 0159

    For Windows, the number codes for the lower case letters are:
    ä 0228
    ë 0235
    ï 0239
    ö 0246
    ü 0252
    ÿ 0255

  4. In HTML, to create umlaut accent marks type the & (ampersand symbol) then the letter (A, e, etc.), then the letters uml, then ; (semicolon) such as:
    & euml; for ë
    & Uuml; for Ü
    (with no space after &)


  1. In HTML the characters with umlaut accent marks may appear smaller than surrounding text. You might want to enlarge the font for just those characters under some circumstances such as in display type.
  2. Under Windows, don't use the numbers at the top of keyboard. Use the numeric keypad and be sure Num Lock is turned ON.
  3. Some programs may have special keystrokes for creating diacriticals, such as umlaut accent marks. See the application manual or help files if these keystrokes don't work for umlaut accent marks.

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