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Add Elegance or a Personal Touch with Script Fonts

Dress up Valentines, Wedding Invitations, and more


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Script Fonts Can Be Fun or Elegant

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Typefaces that mimic cursive handwriting or fonts made from actual handwriting samples are known as script fonts. Some script fonts are irregular like real handwriting while others are stylized scripts.
Script fonts give a special tone to our printed documents or Web pages. Some script fonts convey a quiet elegance. Handwriting fonts with quirky letters can personalize a form letter or exude cheerfulness, playfulness, or a casual mood.

There are countless ways to use script and handwriting fonts. Let's look at just a few ways that these Lovely Lines of Type add an elegant or personal touch to our correspondence and find examples and free handwriting or script fonts to use for Valentine's Day cards, wedding invitations, announcements, and other desktop publishing documents.

Match Purpose, Graphics Style, and Type
As with any typeface, choose script or handwriting fonts that convey the right image. An elegant, flowing script font may be perfect for a formal wedding annoucement but not friendly enough for a child's birthday party invitation. Consider the purpose of your desktop document (or Web page) and the graphics too. View the examples on each of these pages for how to mix fonts and graphics and purpose. You'll also find sources of free fonts for each style:

Tips & Techniques: Use Script Faces Wisely
Once you've chosen your script or handwriting fonts, use them more effectively by heeding these three tips:

  1. Script fonts and ALL CAPS

  2. Mixing script or handwriting fonts

  3. Fancy, ornate script fonts

More Fonts and Graphics with a Valentine's Day Theme
The image in the sidebar uses original heart graphics created by former Graphic Design Guide Judy Litt. The other images on the individual tip pages use clip art from the Corel 7 CD and were modified in Corel Photo-Paint 7, those images are not available for use.

Looking for some more expressive hearts? Try these free heart-laden Valentine fonts.

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